Meeting the energy needs of Southern California

Site Characteristics

There’s a desert valley where you will find

  • A busy interstate highway carrying 80,000 vehicles a day
  • Two interchanges to provide access to this highway
  • A 500 kilovolt electric transmission line
  • A 115 kilovolt electric transmission line
  • An electric distribution line
  • Two petroleum pipelines
  • Two fiber optic cables
  • Three cell phone towers
  • Service roads associated with the above infrastructure
  • A service station with a mini-market
  • Overnight accommodations for the employees at the service station
  • Access road and a portion of an Off Highway Vehicle recreation area
  • The crumbling remnants of the original Arrowhead Highway

Large portions of this valley have been designated a federal utility corridor

  • Which means it has been determined to be a preferred location for future utilities such as transmission lines, pipelines, etc.
  • In fact, the route of the approved XpressWest high-speed rail line will pass through this valley

A lot of infrastructure is already located in this valley. More is expected to be added in the future. It is far from pristine desert. 

Which is one reason why it is a good site for a renewable power project. 

In fact, we are proud to say we chose it to be our project site. 

What They’re Saying…

“Today’s approval is the result of a comprehensive, multi-year environmental review and extensive consultation process, including scientific analysis and meaningful mitigation measures to reduce potential impacts to resources. The rigorous standards of outreach, analysis and mitigation for the project reflect this Administration’s commitment to facilitate responsible clean energy development in the right places and in the right ways.”

Janice Schneider

Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management, Department of the Interior