Soda Mountain Solar Project

  • A proposed photovoltaic solar-power facility in San Bernardino County along the I-15 corridor, 6 miles south-west of Baker, California
  • Located in a utility corridor on federal land in the Mojave Desert
  • 350 MW facility will produce enough clean energy to power more than 170,000 homes in California*
  • Power will be carried to consumers through existing transmission lines adjacent to the site
  • The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and San Bernardino County began their joint environmental impact review of the project in October 2012

Breaking News

On Friday, June 5, 2015, the BLM released the Final Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (Final EIS/EIR) for the Soda Mountain Solar project.

The Final EIS/EIR can be viewed or downloaded from the BLM's website at

click here.

The BLM has also posted a press release regarding the project click here.

The Final EIS/EIR is a milestone toward increasing California's supply of clean, renewable energy.

We look forward to reviewing the document to ensure we achieve our common goal to expand production of solar power in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Why Soda Mountain?

The Soda Mountain Solar project will help the state of California meet its renewable energy goals.

The Soda Mountain site was chosen specifically for its excellent solar resources, its location in an existing utility corridor and due to the low density of sensitive plant and animal species.

As a result, the project will not have to build new large-scale transmission, which will minimize further impacts to the landscape.

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